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Looking after ourselves

Re: Living with Ourselves

@Sophia1 i relate to alot of your post. Ill slowly work on myself just have to get through tomorrow and recovery. Ive got someone to take me and pick me up and also i have paid for a carer as well to look after me overnight
Thinking of you lots 💜

Re: Living with Ourselves

@Sophia1  apparently the olden day folks would sting themselves with them to warm up. 

Re: Living with Ourselves

that does make me feel better reading about the carer being there to look after you overnight..


it does not matter what I feel anyway as this is not about me..

this is about you...all of you...

everything you have done and all of the many many times you have been there for others..

all of the times that you have been unwell but stepped up because others have not..


you are aware of all of this.,.,

I just want to remind you just in case that irritable emotion, guilt decides to try and take over some of your thinking ...


Usually the ones who feel guilty are the ones who care so much ....not the ones who walk away..


so rest up in hospital and at home..

thinking of you and wishing you a safe recovery..

love Sophia 💜


Re: Living with Ourselves





you could be onto something there..stinging nettles for warmth

@eudemonism wrote:

@Sophia1  apparently the olden day folks would sting themselves with them to warm up. 

it would certainly cut down your electricity bill..

forget installing costly solar panels...

grow stinging nettles ..


what are your thoughts on this subject @greenpea ?

Re: Living with Ourselves

@Sophia1  Hey Sophia1 and @eudemonism  and @outlander  love to all Smiley Very Happy. I currently have son2 standing over me so my conversation will have to be short Smiley Frustrated. Thinking of you outlander and wishing you well on your operation Smiley Happy. It will all go well I am sure and the results will definately be worth it Smiley Very Happy. As for stinging nettles to keep yourself warm wow! I would have to be very cold to consider taking that course of action lol.


We live in a very cold house with no insulation which faces west so it is cold during the winter and really hot during the summer. We rug up like eskimos during the cold months and have fans going non stop during spring, summer and autumn. If I had to choose a month I liked best it would be winter as you can always rug up against the  cold.



Re: Living with Ourselves

@greenpea @Sophia1 


I'm tired of dealing with sleeping problems . It gets to me aye! And just going from one substance to another, to get through every day... and from what i can tell... medication is fuelling all of it ... not happy at all! 


Re: Living with Ourselves

@eudemonism  I agree eudemonism I sleep so much and it is all out of whack (during the day)  and it is all medication induced. I hate it too. I dont know what the answer is to be honest just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. peax

Re: Living with Ourselves

@greenpea  yea getting on with life is where i wanna be... like many others i suppose...

Re: Living with Ourselves

hello @eudemonism @greenpea 

and well anyone else who wants to be part of the conversation..

what is life is the question?

so many different expertations ...


for me I have realised that it is not about my mind holding me back it is about my mind pushing me forward..'

medications complicate our efforts..

so let us work with them not against them..

then we can reduce them and be us..

what do you think?






Re: Living with Ourselves

@Sophia1 Hey Sophia1 I will have to get back to you on this as my meds which have mucked up my sleep have now got me tired again and I will have to take another cat nap whilst I think about your question. Hope you are well my friend. Love peaxxx

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