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SANE Forums are a safe place to share your experience of living with complex mental health issues. Our Lived Experience Forum helps you connect to people like you. You can read stories, reply to discussions or start your own. Click on one of the topic buttons to get started.

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Does anybody else like gardening here? I am a qualified landscape gardener but I work in a nursery just part time at the moment with general plant stuff. I real ... Read more

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Finally built up the courage to come in here. Straight up I can not understand the comments work or someone to speak to and ask for help understanding this. I have been i ... Read more

confused_nomad - profile picture

so much going on

hi everyone so I'm at a point where I'm really unsure what I'm doing. here is what's been going on for me, as briefly as I can make it -  - i was recently ... Read more

Horza - profile picture

What to do if therapy doesn't work?

I had a bit of a breakdown as a teenager, nothing seemed to help (medication/therapy), so I sortof just lived with it. However, I had another fairly big breakdown now I'm ... Read more

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