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Ramble - profile picture

Healing is exceptionally draining in itself.

It has been 42 weeks and six days today since I cut all contact with my mother. Cutting contact with her meant I lost my sister and niece as well. Triple whammy.  &n ... Read more

SomeoneElse - profile picture

Do I have DID?

Hello,I was online with a few friends who were interested in psychology, and we met someone who was openly diagnosed with DID. So naturally, my friends started asking que ... Read more

greenpea - profile picture

Crime shows primarly British but not all talk space

Hi @Schitzo @Eve7 @Shaz51  and all those who enjoys shows like Midsomer Murders, Father Brown, Vera and Silent Witness as examples. This is a place to disc ... Read more

Wingman79 - profile picture


Hi everyone and thank you for letting me join . I work in a highly stressful environment and lots of judgemental issues daily . I've lost motivation and interest , everyt ... Read more

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