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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

I just can't.

I don't see the point in living anymore. I can't.
I've called helplines but tonight it's just not helped.
I've spent way too much time in hospital over the years and nothings ever helped.

I just can't anymore

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Re: I just can't.

Hi @The-red-centaur,

I can hear you struggling tonight. I am sorry to hear nothing has helped. Well done for trying the help lines.

Am here if you need to talk 

Re: I just can't.

@Snowy I don't know if there's anything left to talk about

Re: I just can't.

Hi @The-red-centaur, I'm sorry to hear you are struggling tonight.  What can you do to keep yourself safe tonight?  What normally helps to ride through these very intense feelings and thoughts?

Re: I just can't.

Hi @The-red-centaur

How are you going today?

Re: I just can't.

@Snowie today's a little better. A friend has taken me for a trip to his family for a few days, I'm hoping the time away helps a bit. I didn't want to come because of how I've been feeling but I know it'll probably be good for me.

Re: I just can't.

@The-red-centaurthat is good of a friend to take you away. Well done on pushing yourself to go even when you may feel like staying at home.

I hope you have a good time 

Re: I just can't.

The time away was nice, but now I'm back home things are fucked again. Like why can't I have a good day for once without wanting to die.

Re: I just can't.

Can tonight get worse... Well apparently it can because now there's an alien in my room.

Re: I just can't.

Sounds like a really tough night @The-red-centaur.

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