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Something’s not right

New Contributor


How to kno if he is paranoia schitz what are sign n symptom


Re: Schitzophrenia

Hi @Tonya

Welcome to the forums. I gather you might be concerned about the mental state of someone you love.

Would you like to share a little more about your situation?

SANE has produced this fact sheet about Sz which answers the specific question you have asked.

Re: Schitzophrenia

Hi @Tonya! Smiley Very Happy

Welcome! I am a moderator on the SANE forums. As @Darcy said, SANE has a great factsheet and guide on Schizophrenia (please see the link @Darcy posted above).

As @Darcy said, would you like to share more information about what's going on for you/your loved one? Giving forum members more information could be helpful, as it may allow them to identify your experience and provide relevant resources to you.  

You may also be interested in reading this "Topic Tuesday" from April in 2016. It gives insight into our members experiences of living with Schizophrenia.


Kindest Regards,


Re: Schitzophrenia

Hi @Tonya

As you will see, I have moved your post to a more relevent area so that you can gain further responses!

I hope you found the factsheets and info helpful Smiley Happy

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