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Something’s not right

Casual Contributor

I haven't felt this low in ages

My mental health is declining so fast and I don't know what to do...Its just getting worse and worse and its been like this for a few days

I feel so alone and I just joined here to see if people felt the same way?


Re: I haven't felt this low in ages

Hi Kia,

Welcome to the forum its Wenna one of the overnight moderators.  I am going to send you an email to check in with you so keep an eye out for it. 




Re: I haven't felt this low in ages

Umm @Kia for me it’s the things I suggest to myself ok repeatedly.. and don’t do re MH ie basic stuff like basic exercise etc . Oh and xmas is coming bla . Ok don’t beat yourself up like I do or get lost in confusion. Ok first answer. Talk to someone. GP etc

Re: I haven't felt this low in ages

@Kia. I can relate.  I start feeling reasonable,  and then out of the blue,  my mood starts to crash.  And from there,  everything happens very fast. 

I wonder if you see a psychologist or/and a psychiatrist.  

I have found in the past,  that talking with a psychologist really helps. 

Are you taking any medication for your mental illness?  You may need a slight adjustment in the dose.  Talk to your psychiatrist .

If you don't have either,  your gp can help.  Let them know how you have been struggling. They can also refer you to a psychologist and a psychiatrist .

Keep posting here on the Forum when you are struggling.  We may be able to help you through that day. 

Re: I haven't felt this low in ages

I see a psychologisand a psychiatrist. I am currently on antidepressents for my anxiety and mood and am having a medical review in 10 days.

Thank you so much for the support it means a lot to me Smiley Happy 

Re: I haven't felt this low in ages

Thinking of you @Kia

When I'm plumetting it helps me to look for any small win. e.g.getting out of bed, paying attention to my dogs, getting outside in whatever capacity...

Re: I haven't felt this low in ages

Anytime @Kia ❤

Re: I haven't felt this low in ages

Hi Kia,

i relate!

Do you have a plan for when things go downhill quickly like this (if you don't maybe you can makevone with your supports after this crisis stabilises again).

My focus always goes back to safety first when I go downhill. I keep away from things which might be unsafe for me.

Then I alert a support person that I am spiralling dowanwards with my mental health. Are you able to let your psychs know you are going downhill? Or can you set an alarm to ring them on Monday morning? For me even just knowing they'll hear my little "help please!" brings me some calm. 

For me I try to distract to get through short amounts of time, like that night, or until I see my next support person. Watching cute squirrels on Instagram or watching mindless non-triggering Netflix, or feeding my cats so they get sleepy then bringing them inside for cuddles, or reaching out at places like here, or listening to safe music (non-triggering, non-misery) are all things I can try.

Also I am prescribed a small amount of an extra calming medication at times I feel like things are getting out of control with my mental health. That sometimes even helps me get to sleep for a nap or a night if I'm lucky. I wouldn't take anything extra unless your prescribing doctor has suggested it. Some chemicals can work in unexpected not great ways, so drs' advice is useful. 

Above all, be gentle on you. It is important what you're doing reaching out. You're doing Awesomely considering you're feeling so low. 

If it helps to write more, write more here. We are listening. I care about what happens next for you. I hope you get the extra support you are needing. And I hope with support things pick up a lot for you and you stay safe while you wait for that. 

Love from Twerp. 



Re: I haven't felt this low in ages

Thank you so so much all of this has helped so much. I will get better thank you Smiley Happy

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