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Re: Far and Away

Wow @Shaz51 I thought it had been a while but that time has flown - that is great for you both though Heart

Re: Far and Away

I know , crazy ayyy @Zoe7 , it has been 11 months since mum broke her hip -- wow , can not believe it @Sherry 

Re: Far and Away

This last year did go very quickly for a lot of us @Shaz51 

Re: Far and Away

it will my sister @Zoe7  and I am aking with you everyday xoxo

my mum is very frail but still living at home xoxo @Sherry 

Re: Far and Away

@Shaz51 💜💙💚🧡💛

Re: Far and Away

remember you are awesome my sister @Zoe7 

and you know @Faith-and-Hope  will agree with me

hugs and hugs my darling Heart

Re: Far and Away

awww @Shaz51 😁👍💖


Very much missing our @Faith-and-Hope - more so these last few days - soooo want her back Smiley Sad

Re: Far and Away

Going to head off forum myself now @Shaz51 Hope your shower is refreshing and then you can sleep my sister. Hugs and hugs Heart


Re: Far and Away

@Faith-and-Hope @Shaz51 @Maggie @Bimby2 @eth @Sans911 @Sherry and others reading along...


Took a break from sorting to get dinner and burnt my hand - so gave up on dinner Smiley Sad I have attended to my hand and will get something later when it feels better.


Small break in sorting as a result but I have been powering through it all - so much quicker than expected but want to keep going whilst I both have the energy and motivation. Decided that I will keep going tonight and see if I can get the majority of it done - other than moving boxes I can use one hand 👍


Cat is outside as it is still pretty warm and Toby is asleep next to me. He moves and lays under the table when I am sorting things but follows me between rooms as well. He is a great supervisor Smiley Tongue

Re: Far and Away

Great work with the sorting @Zoe7. Not so great burning your hand. Take care of yourself sweetie 💕💕💕

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