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Disrespect because of age

Hi Folks, Paying for petrol this morning, the assistant (late middle age) muttered a figure which I gently and quietly questioned as being far too much.  He turned on me and snarled that my hearing aid needed turning up.  As it happened, I was correct.

I most certainlty don't have a hearing difficulty, and I'm sick of people now treating me like a moron simply because I am older.

There is little consideration or respect encouraged for those of pension age either in the media or local courtesies.  TV ads and governments  often deliberately portray the elderly as feeble minded, ignorant, and lacking youthful qualities, or interests in anything stimulating, which is totally unrealistic.  As a result we seem to be disregarded and victimised in a shameful way.  Its happened to many of us before, and generally we try to deflect the insults and get on with the day, but some days it is much harder.  Its about time the older population was not all treated like threats, or late alzheimer sufferers.  


Re: Disrespect because of age

I'm sorry you were made to feel that way. Sometimes it's like being invisible. After a certain age (and not an advanced one!) you stop being seen or noticed.

Re: Disrespect because of age

hi @bonney78 im sorry you were made to feel that way. honestly some people have no respect for others. i honestly hope that person has more respect for you the next time you go there!

Re: Disrespect because of age

What a truly awful experience @bonney78 It's so tough to let this stuff go all the time and it makes sense that sometimes it feels more impactful. What do you do to look after yourself?

Re: Disrespect because of age

Many thanks for those who responded. I avoid the fuel station to avoid
an ignorant attendant.
Elsewhere despite serving honourably and with devotion for 25 yrs, there
is the same ignorance within the local church parish.
Some of the difficulty was in the 'invisible' nature of my continuing
service which by its very nature attracted no attention, and must remain
What else is there to be done, but pursue a similar 'invisible' role in
the community? Living alone in silence, shopping once a week for
supplies. At least those of us 'wisdom elders' albeit ignored, still
carry the blessings of a past of interest. It's about time the wisdom
of the elders was highlighted in our society, there are so many of us to
share. Bonney 78

Re: Disrespect because of age

hi @bonney78 its nice to hear from you again

how have you been?

Re: Disrespect because of age

Hi there, thanks for the comment. I'm ok, learning to get along without
anyone else, simply by being alive. B

Re: Disrespect because of age

hello @bonney78, checking in to say hi and to see how you are going HeartHeart

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