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Looking after ourselves

Senior Contributor

Hospital and heart problems

I'm currently in the psych ward because my mental health has been pretty bad over the last month. I was meant to get discharged on Tuesday.
Anyway it didn't happen because I started getting chest pain, hypotension and sever tachycardia.
I'm really sick and I'm really scared.
I'm not allowed to get out of bed unless I go to the toilet, and just the 3 metres to get there make me want to pass out, cry because my chest hurts too much, and collapse back in bed. But even lying down I'm dizzy and in pain.I hate how aweful I feel.
They're doing lots of tests but the only answers coming up is nothing all they know is I'm having heart problems and my ecg sucks. I'm due to see a cardiologist asap but I'm scared.

They think it might be my new medication, but as its a depot it'll be in my system for over a month and Ill probably be transferred to a medical ward I guess. But it's so shit, I want to go home.


Re: Hospital and heart problems

Hi @The-red-centaur
Sorry you are not well physically It can play a big part on our mental health as well.
I just wanted to say I hope you get to see the cardiologist soon and they can work out what's wrong. And I hope you can get better real soon. But also you're in the right place getting care and support.
Rest up love. Take care. Hope to hear from agsin.
BB Xxoo

Re: Hospital and heart problems

@BlueBay the cardiologist is also thinking this may be a side effect from my suicide attempt 17days ago that's catching up with me. Either way they won't tell me how long I have to be here.

Re: Hospital and heart problems

Oh I'm really sorry to read this. Pls take care @The-red-centaur. Get well soon. Xx

Re: Hospital and heart problems


I'm sick of lying in this stupid bed. I was meant to be watching the avengers rn instead I'm wondering if my last suicide attempt could still k*ll me. I don't want to die. I'm so scared. I've got nurses, Dr's, and the cardiologist worrying and that might not even be what's wrong. It's so messed up. I don't know to think or feel. Like what if this doesn't get better.

Re: Hospital and heart problems

Ohhh @The-red-centaur

sorry to hear you are not well , hope they can helpreally soon my friend

sending you tender hugs , one step at a time Heart

Re: Hospital and heart problems

@Shaz51 thanks I appreciate it.

Re: Hospital and heart problems

Thinking of you @The-red-centaur
Hope you slept well last night.
BB xx

Re: Hospital and heart problems

@The-red-centaur - having heart trouble is super scary. Hopefully it will either settle on its own soon or you'll have answers. Take care and keep us updated. Thinking of you at this time.

Re: Hospital and heart problems

@Shaz51 @BlueBay @Sans911
My heat problems are practically under control now and I was discharged today. Thanks for your support

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