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  • Topic : Something’s not right
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Hey @Appleblossom  @BlueBay  @Hamsolo01 @Molliex @Molliex @Maggie @Shaz51   thanks so much for your responses I read them all and they really help me through.    Sorry I haven't been able to reply individually 


Today was great!   I achieved so much this morning to prepare for visitors I did so much cleaning and then mindful setting up for tie dye.


Visitors came and went and it was a real success. I enjoyed a nice coffee after they went, I was exhausted.    


The good news is I went the whole day without any SH and I think that helped with my confidence. 


Unfortunately tonight I used SH and I hurt myself quite badly,  bringing back all the feelings of shame and despair. 


I just have to ride it out and hope I can have more days of no SH, I'm feeling really desperate atm

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