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  • Topic : Something’s not right
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Hi @outlander Thanks for sharing your story about SH and suicide attempts.    I have made a few attempts in the past too.  My last one was 5 months ago. That's when SH all resurfaced again.  I thought I had it all under control when my Psychiatrist admitted me to hospital for a Medication change.    Coming off the meds triggered the attempt and SH,   I was put on a new medication and that worked a bit but I was still using SH . So my Psychiatrist is changing my medication again but this time out of hospital.    It's been 5 weeks now without a proper dose of medicine and SH got increasingly worse as I'm not taking a therapeutic dose of meds.   There's been a few factors as to why it's taking so slow to increase the meds.  1st my Psychiatrist increased my mood stabilizer and he wanted to wait to see if there was going to be any side effects,  then last week a routine ecg that's needed for the antipsychotic came back showing heart disease and he's sending me to the cardiologist and of course he won't increase the antipsychotic until I get the results from the cardiologist as this antipsychotic can effect your heart rhythms.   I  see the cardiologist on the 18th so I'm just hoping I get the all clear.  If the cardiologist says that I have something wrong with my heart then I'll have to start the whole process again with a new medication.    I don't mean to blame all my SH on medication or lack thereof but I know for a fact I'm better off with meds,   I just feel like I'm fighting a losing battle atm



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