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Senior Contributor

I am not surprised Miss @Former-Member that you had a new lake in your suburb. I think we got more rain last weekend than we have in the last 2 decades according to one article I read.


It is just absolutely devastating that I cannot get a 4 legged friend. I mean I am a homesteader after all, and what sort of homestead doesn't have a hound to guard the gate. All that love and affection.....sigh Smiley Sad


I am trying to focus on the positives and what I can have @Former-Member and I have purchased a new jar for my Kombucha 'mother', and a new fermentation jar for my sauerkraut. And I borrowed a Lebanese cookbook from the library and I want to make their pickled felafels are really starting to come together. 


I hope that you are getting puppy cuddles today!



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