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New Contributor

Melbourne Group Support for Borderline

Hi all,


Just wanted to ask if anyone knows of any group support or group meetups for people with BPD. I don't know anyone is my social circle with it and I'd love to meet people and make friends with someone who "get's it". 


At this stage I try and explain to my friend what it's like to be so overwhelmed with emotions that you think you are going to die or it will never end and she is so logical that she just says "of course it will, stop thinking about it"... hahaha





Re: Melbourne Group Support for Borderline

Hey there @sashee7, thanks heaps for posting. As we are an anonymous forum, members aren't able to discuss specific support groups at various suburbs etc as it compromises the forum's duty of care as per our guidelines here Smiley Happy


However I would recommend checking out SPECTRUM here they will definitely be able to help with local support groups, as well as continuing to chat to the crew here on the forums Smiley Happy Many of our members live with BPD so can relate to the experience in a big way.


When were you diagnosed? Heart

Re: Melbourne Group Support for Borderline

Okay thanks,


I'll check out spectrum. 


TBH I had a very long discussion with my psychologist and we agreed not to diagnose me on paper because once you have that diagnosis you have it with you. Instead, we discuss that I have "borderline tendencies" and I do a mixture of CBT and mindefullness to get through. So personally I have never had the diagnosis but realised maybe 2 years ago now I've been suffering with it since I was a teen.



Re: Melbourne Group Support for Borderline

Hi @sashee7 

when first diagnosed with BPD about 10 years ago I used to attend a group in Melbourne. It was run by a person who has BPD. I went for over a year but then it all fell apart and the support group was stopped. It was such a shame. 

I agree with @nashy about contacting Spectrum. They are the best people to tslk to about BPD. They specialise in BPD. 

Good luck 😊

Re: Melbourne Group Support for Borderline

Definitely check out Spectrum. Rigorous assessment, but ensures you get the correct treatment. Some treatments go for a few weeks whereas others 18 months.


Ive had BPD for over 15 years and after many treatments, care and support, I’m now able to function much better in society. It’s worth it. BPD causes you to have a dark cloud over your head. Talking therapy is most effective. Medication seems to only help alleviate symptoms which come with BPD.


All the best!

Re: Melbourne Group Support for Borderline

BPD survivor Thankyou did sharing! Your words gave me such encouragement.
And affirms how I feel 😊

Re: Melbourne Group Support for Borderline

No problems. That’s what we’re here for.


I undertook many types of therapy but the effective ones turned out to be ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) and MBT (mentalisation based therapy). Both are not a quick fix. Takes a lot of time and practise...painful practising. But the results are a changed mindset and better functionality in society. I am still in ACT. I hate the need to practise because of painful memories, however, I can see it is worth it. I’m enduring it because I know it will ultimately be a valuable skill set. It teaches you to allow thoughts, ideas, mantras, feelings etc pass WITHOUT judgment i.e. not to see them as black/white, good/bad. This has helped me to be less erratic in my behaviour.


Wish you all the best!

Re: Melbourne Group Support for Borderline

That is exactly what my current therapist and I are working on. That feelings don’t need judgment they are just there. <br><br>I find it really hard at the moment when talking with friends I feel a real lack of understanding. They are kind and supportive but others just don’t seem to understand the struggle. And then some friends have bagged me in the what “they think” is internal family systems! Ehhhggg <br><br>I’m not a part of someone and I do not have different personalities I am all just me. Wel that’s for me at the moment, when those so called friends judge me it hurts like a Sharo tool Sorry just saying 🤪

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