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Something’s not right

Re: Self Harm

Hey @Angels333

I can hear it was really significant and made you feel great going the whole of today without using self-harm. I felt concerned when you say you hurt yourself quite badly tonight. Do you need medical attention at all? There is the national home doctor service on 13SICK if you do. 

It sounds like it was a big achievement today. I'm sorry you're experiencing those feelings of shame and despair again tonight. I hope some of what enabled you to get through today can help you tonight.  

Take care, 


Re: Self Harm

Thanks Hams @Hamsolo01 

Re: Self Harm

@Angels333 🙏 ☺

Re: Self Harm

Hey @Tortoiseshell  I  don't need medical attention it's just difficult to conceal.


Thanks for your concern 

Re: Self Harm

@Angels333  You have done well today. Please don’t lose sight of that. Tomorrow, we start again and do the best we can. 💕💕💕💕💕

Re: Self Harm

@Angels333  I believe to educate ourselves can be a very helpful tool in understanding ourselves. I’ve spent years trying to understand and deal with the affects of childhood trauma. On a small level it helps, anything that helps is a good thing, big or small.

I’m adding some knowledge I found helpful, hoping you might also. If it’s at all triggering, please let me know and I will remove it ASAP.


Re: Self Harm

Hey @Angels333  you did so well to get through the day. Well done. It's ok we hsve let downs.  I know it's not easy. Today is another day. Take care. 
I hope tiday is a bit brighter for you. 
hugs ❤️

Re: Self Harm

Hey @BlueBay Thanks so much for your encouragement.   


@Maggie  thanks for the info, It wasn't triggering, I really agree with the article, but I have so much shame about SH being an addiction.


Hams @Hamsolo01 Thanks for the help my friend xx

Re: Self Harm

I know @Angels333  the shame is not yours, but I know exactly how you feel. Some comes from external lack of understanding, some comes from within ourselves.

I did a total dental when addiction was mentioned. For me it is, but not everyone. 

Thanks for your reply. I’ve been concerned it might be too much. 💜💕💜💕

Re: Self Harm

Gday champ @Angels333
Thats okay Smiley Happy

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