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Something’s not right

Re: Self Harm

Hey @BlueBay I'm out now, waiting for my tyres to be fixed, then I'll go to the gym.    I'm glad you also went for a walk. 

Re: Self Harm

Try to get rid of anger or whatever emotions at the gym @Angels333 

glad you're tyre is getting fixed 

chst later xxx

Re: Self Harm

Lots of hugs @Angels333  xoxo 

Sitting here with you 

Re: Self Harm

Hey @Angels333 

@thinking if you. How did you go at the gym? 
How are you at the moment? Xxx

Re: Self Harm

Thanks @Shaz51 


Hey @BlueBay the gym was really good but I used SH straight after.  I chatted to beyond blue that helped a little  I am feeling panicky with high anxiety 


How was your day today?

Re: Self Harm

Hey @Angels333  good thst the gym was good. But I'm sorry that you sh.

Pls take care xxx

Im not bad. Just family crap that gets me very angry. It takes ages for my emotions to come back down. 

Re: Self Harm

Are you OK @Angels333

Re: Self Harm

thinking of you @Angels333 💜💜💜
mental health and constant SH/SI thoughts is very tiring. please try to look after yourself the best you can and reach out for those supports even if it means going to hospital to help keep you safe.

Re: Self Harm

Thanks @outlander It is so tiring.   I'm exhausted by the SH then the anxiety in between .    I think I should be in hospital but I can't afford to miss out on income from work.   It's a tough situation.   If my Psychiatrist insists then I will go.   At the moment he has just offered it as an option. 

Re: Self Harm

Hearing you @Angels333 i struggle with sh and have attempts to my name unfortunately but its not as bad as 3 years ago. Still have those days sometimes weeks but working on my coping strategies has worked well. Hospital isnt an option for me for many reasons so can see how it would also be tough for you as well.
At least you know its an option but i hope something works for you before you reach that level.

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