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Something’s not right


Re: Not sure what to do !!!

awwww soo nice my sister @outlander , thinking of you lots today xoxo

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

hello @outlander , @Darcy , @Appleblossom , @Dec , @Smc 

we got the car in to be serviced

soo no work today

so we walked to my mum`s to clean

and then walked to the hospital for a blood test

had morning tea with mum

and then we walked home

so doing nothing now , maybe later xxx

should do something !!!!


Re: Not sure what to do !!!

sounds like a busy but productive day today @Shaz51
abit of rest would probably do some good for you though Heart

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

On the forum all afternoon my @outlander xx 

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

hello and hugs @outlander , @Darcy , @Appleblossom , @Dec , @Smc

today is wet and very cool up here , so we cleaned 2 houses this morning

did a few things for mum

arrrgg I lost mum`s script for meds , cant find them anywhere Smiley Sad so I rang the doctor to see if they can write one out for mum , fingers crossed

Tomorrow one of my customers is given me some cuttings from her succulents Smiley Very Happy

needing some potting mix now

thinking I might have to grab mum`s mail before she throws them out

@sherry, @determined, @adge --- ohh my tagging does not seem to be working

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

evening @Shaz51
you've been a little quiet today so wanted to see if you are ok?

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

thank you My @outlander 

slept in to 9am yesterday and had to do a few jobs at home that needed doing

a bit better today then yesterday xx

how are you xx

had morning tea with mum and aunty this morning , my aunty saring all her problems

@Darcy, @Appleblossom , @Dec , @Smc 

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

a sleep in sounds good @Shaz51 and im glad your abit better then yesterday

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

hello @outlander , @Darcy , @Appleblossom , @Dec , @Smc , @Sherry , @Determined , @Adge , @greenpea ,

Today I got a few others things done today , which was nice

going away for 5 days after christmas which will be nice ,  but still close enough to come back home if we need tooo

doctor for mr shaz today , blood test on wednesday for him for long use of medication

mum is loving being at home , but i am doing all the running around for her , thinking I might have to check her mail now before she throws it out

she has decided she is not going through anything else , no more ops or sun cancer cut out

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