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Something’s not right

New Contributor

Im not sure of me.

I used to work as a support worker in a mental health setting, I found that helping others to find hope or simply to help them get out of bed that morning, this was extremely powerful and helped give direction to my life.


Since I have stopped working in the mental health sector I have found myself sleeping in, getting out of routine, using AoD alot more (beer) and getting into a unhealthy patter. I find myself losing hope, not only cause I'm unemployed but knowing that the service in my sector don't really care unless I'm in crisis.


I know that the mental health triage in my area are understaffed and over worked, I have worked with some community mental health practioners in my area that are burnt out or at least showede signs. 


I feel like I do need help however former collegues whilst showing a surface level of care, are happy to judge people behind close doors (as I have been there listening) so I cannot turn to them, I have dealt with the local community mental health that only do crisis  calls and want to outsource everything to either sonder or headspace, so given this I really dont know what to do or where to turn to.


Not sure what Ill get out of this so I guess here it is:


Have mental health issues, worked in a NGO that in my opinion only helped compund issues as I was vastly different in a social setting. Not sure where to turn and thought I'd ask the everyone for thier opinion?


Thanks for reading.




Re: Im not sure of me.

hi @ZBD
it sounds very challenging for you atm!
do you think you could speak to your gp about getting a referral to a psychologist? perhaps a psychologist that isn't associated with your previous work that way it all goes more unbiased in helping you find ways forward?

you said that working and helping others also helped you as well so im wondering if youd consider doing some volunteer work?
You could help look after animals at the RSPCA or other animal shelter, or help out in an Op shop such as the salvation army shops or pick something you were quite interested in and see if theres something you could help with?

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