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Hi all, hope you're doing well. 

Tomorrow marks 6 years since my dear friend passed away, at the age of 20. I have lost 4 friends and 3 coworkers since I was 18 and sometimes find the grief too much and feel as though I'm a bad omen or something. I'm 26 now and struggle with accepting the fact that I'm still here when so many people I know aren't. I don't know. 

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Re: Grief

Hi @eclipse 

Just wanted to say that I read your post and I'm sorry that you have had to deal with so much. That's so hard and you're so young. I have not had that kind of experience but I wanted to say that I'm thinking of you.


Re: Grief

Thank you so much @frog. Means a lot.

Re: Grief

Hi @eclipse @frog welcome to you I lost a friend when I was 20 so so hard i have also lost 3 other friends too maybe you could do something special for each one i like painting and did a really colourful picture for my best friend it helps me to look at it I have it hanging in my bedroom  take care 


Re: Grief

Thank you everyone for your replies. My aunt passed away today so I'm finding everything even more difficult to process.

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