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Something’s not right

Casual Contributor

Clementine Ford

Do you think lifeline should remove keynote speaker Clementine Ford from recognize respond and refer event on May 29th

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Re: Clementine Ford

@1in6 Definitely

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Re: Clementine Ford

May I ask by what reasoning she should be removed, or be allowed to stay for this event? 

I don't follow much news and no social media, so am not aware of the media coverage relating to the reasons behind the question. 

After a quick interenet search re the subject matters I note that Clementine Ford is still making headlines by tackling headon, the subject matters that are bothersome to say the least, in our global community. 

Should a person be silenced because someone doesn't like the way they use language to bring a subject matter to the forefront of attention?

From the little I read, it seems as if the debate is more about something else, much like 'if she smiled more often people might like her more' only this time it's that she dares to use 'unladylike language' to challenge the status quo.  

But perhaps I am missing something. 

I'd be interested in learning more about your thoughts behind making this query and those of others who have an opinion on the subject. 


Re: Clementine Ford

Re: Clementine Ford

She has used the Twitter to talk about how her plans was to ruin the lives of white men. She has tweeted KILLALLMEN. She absolutely hates men, she has no respect for the life of a man there is a petition with over 12,000 to have her removed
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Re: Clementine Ford

Hi @1in6@Former-Member

I am all for women's rights but what I have encounter online in conversations and interviews between Ford and men, together with reading various media material on these interactions over numerous years with men in general - Clementine demeans men in general provoking conflict and much heated conflict between herself and men. She exhibits no respect for them.  Not sure of her motives for doing so but that is her approach. That has been my personal observations.

So my main concern about her role in lifeline is that with men having statiscally the highest suicide rate her role could serve as counterproductive in the plight to reduce these statistics for men given they feel disrespected and intimidated by her. I hope this makes some sense as it's 3:00 in the morning here and I am drifting off to sleep while typing. 

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