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Something’s not right

Re: Am Not Coping

Hi @Faith-and-Hope , @Zoe7 , @BlueBay , @BryanaCamp , @utopia @oceangirl  and all. Just lying low for now. I have a dehydration headache to get rid of. Well done with the assignment @Faith-and-Hope

@oceangirl sorry you havent been feeling so good. 


Ive had a full on day but have made progress on some head messing decisions. Hoping for an early night for me

Re: Am Not Coping


Hi @Faith-and-Hope Heart

Is it turnitin submission for your assignment?



Re: Am Not Coping


@Teej  Good to hear from you my friend. One foot in front of the other. I hear you're making great progress- I am impressed. I am not feeling the best, but hopefully things will improve for me...

Re: Am Not Coping

I am so glad to hear you are continuing to progress with it all @Teej, and you are taking the best care you can of yourself as you go.  It was always going to be difficult, but it’s like the “how to eat an elephant” thing right ?  In itty-bitty bites ..... (sorry, I’m an elephant lover ..... it’s just a saying .... 💕)


@oceangirl, it was an online submission through the uni portal, but I am new to combining files in different programs and reducing them, and trying to work out file sizes and what it all means ..... doing the elephant thing with all that too .....

Re: Am Not Coping

Next up tonight is my next Photoshop challenge ..... just taking a breather, and sitting here with everybody who is hurting tonight .....





Re: Am Not Coping


@Faith-and-HopeI know the frustration and anxiety, when dealing with technology- but there is information online about converting files etc. I am glad you're attending a supportive uni and any case they will be able to walk you through it. 


Re: Am Not Coping


Your a real gem F&H @Faith-and-Hope 

Good luck with your assignment

Re: Am Not Coping

Re: Am Not Coping

Thank you @oceangirl.  You’re a real sweetheart ❣️


I know I got at least part of this right, and I might have done it properly, which will mean I do know how to do it now.  The tutor will probably give me feedback tomorrow.

Re: Am Not Coping


My pleasure @Faith-and-Hope  Heart


I knew it wouldn't take you too long to work it out...Smiley Happy And hopefully the tutor will be able to assist you some more tomorrow.

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