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Re: Far and Away

I have some creative ways to describe WH and can certainly make up some names that go along with those 2 letters as well Hon. You are doing all that you can in a really sucky situation ...stay the course sweetheart - there will be an end to all this and life will get better. That does not help much right now whilst you are still in amidst the storm but as I have said before - you have truth on your side and that will serve you well as you go forward with all the legals and into the future. Reach out to and hold onto your supports as they will help cushion each blow as you navigate this minefield. So much admiration for you in all that you are dealing with and with so much continued grace and dignity - you truly are one in a million @Faith-and-Hope Heart


I had a really lovely day yesterday. I actually had more there than the day before but also had extra aide support so that meant I could work with a couple of kids I don't usually get to work with. One I sat with for most of the day and he asked if I was going to work with him tomorrow (today). It was so lovely to sit with one of my students that needs that extra help but often gets lost with me having to work consistently with the lower few kids. I am looking forward to working with him again today as I have extra aide time again and that will make it achievable. 


My super funny kid once again took over the class ...and of course I let him Smiley Tongue He makes me laugh every day (even when he should be getting in trouble for some of the things he does Smiley Surprised) I find I cannot help but smile (or laugh) at him though - he does thongs with such humour that I cannot help myself - not great role modelling at times but he is super funny  and does make us all laugh. That was pretty much my day yesterday - lots of laughing and plenty of smiles - so the kids went home happy ...and that is all we can ask - especially in the current climate. 


I am enjoying the smaller class - we can get so much more achieved and I can actually work with some of the kids I don't usually have much time with - so that is a real bonus. I am looking forward to the weekend though - super tired but not sleeping very well so will hopefully be able to catch up a little this weekend. I have less marking and organising to do with so many kids away so that should help ....and of course there is no sport on to watch so will have plenty of time on my hands to fill in. Lots of ongoing self care needed - and sleep is at the forefront of that.


Better try to get another couple of hours sleep now so I can tackle the day ahead a little better. Hope you have a less hectic and energy zapping day without WH being his usual a/h self. Thinking of you a lot and sending you some squishy hugs Heart


Re: Far and Away

Hi @EOR 👋💕

I hear you .... I am feeling the border closure between me and some of my baby dragons too ..... hopefully it won't be for very long, if we can all work at flattening the COVID-19 curve through these isolations.


Two other baby dragons live here, but while we are self-isolating, WH is not ..... and his "bit" has young kids @Zoe7  .... didn't want to mention that until my baby dragons all knew, but clearly that's another shocker for them that they are sensitive about ......


And guess how I found out ??  From D2 ..... 🤬


I wish the truth would hurry up and come out @Zoe7, but it has its own timeframe.

I have to keep taking the baby steps to get through each day, and wait on the outcomes.


Re: Far and Away

Sending love to you all here @Faith-and-Hope @Zoe7 @Shaz51 @Adge @utopia @Meowmy   


@Shaz51  just saw your post here from yesterday (I think) - I'm not around quite as much and tend to catch up on the forums in the first part of each day.  So sorry to hear what's going on for you.  So many people you care for and things breaking down wouldn't be helping at all.   I wish I could be there to help you.   Must be hard to self-isolate in the circumstances, you can only do what you can  do.  So if you have to go out, which you obviously do, maybe it's time to use a mask and gloves to protect yourself.   Hope your headache is gone today and you're feeling a bit better physically.   Take care lovely xx


@Faith-and-Hope  and @Zoe7  I don't say much here but I do follow along and I always love the way you are supporting each other, while looking after family (F&H) and kids (Zoe) as well as you do.   


You are all legends in my eyes xoxo


Re: Far and Away

Thanks so much @eth ..... although I think it becomes a matter of getting on with things, because what else can you do ?  I have so much admiration for everyone here who gets up and puts one foot after another across the day.  Some days will feel more successful than others, which sorta fall into the "just having a day" category .... but that's allowed ..... just having a day ....


I echo what @eth has said @Shaz51 ..... so important to take care of yourself with your big health issues, and only go out if you really need  to.  It can be so hard when you are used to looking after others so much.  Hugs.  Take care of you ..... 💐


Re: Far and Away

Oh now @Faith-and-Hope, please don't tell me WH has biological offspring elsewhere, are these young kids his? Either way it's horrible. Why can't these men let the sheets cool down? Or keep it zipped away. Brings back bad mems here. The important thing is not letting it poison our Beautiful hearts. A Christian counselor helped me see that "forgiveness is not reconciliation" Forgiveness not feeling they owe you and letting go of right to revenge. I haven't been very good at this, apart from being paralysed (frozen anger), it's consuming but keep distracting activities you love going. I pray you don't lose a child like I had to. I'm interceding for the many who grieve already, especially in Europe, some villages have lost an entire generation of elders 😞 I pray "God be merciful"

Re: Far and Away

I have to assume at this stage that they are not his off-spring @EOR ..... but anything is possible amid all his lies and deceit ...... it's all part of his complete change of character and value system.  He is no longer recognisable, at any level, as the husband of our youth ..... and yes, forgiveness in this instance means releasing him from my life ..... much easier said than done with kids in the middle, as you well know ......


I also have to keep reminding myself that he is really unwell, but future disgnosis or not, there is absolutely no going back for us now.   The hardest part of this at the moment, aside from all the ugly legals, and having him and his "bit" all over my daughter, is watching him "wee" all over our marital and family history, trying to destroy all the value in what we once had ..... but that is just another hallmark of his illness that I have to bear up under until it passes.  


The more he does this, the more ridiculous he makes himself, and his new partner, in the process.  He is grandfather aged.  I don't know what she is thinking either, or whether she is aware of his massive C/S habit yet ..... but that is not my problem anymore, thank God.  She will be nursing him in his advancing age, and all his ED behaviours and mood disorders .... unless she bales on him  ..... also not my problem, but I don't envy her in any way.  I don't think she knows what she has taken on.


I feel so much for your loss, and yes, grief in other forms, including public and global grief, will always impact that as well ...... so important to keep taking care of yourself.


Re: Far and Away

@Faith-and-Hope ,  "just keep swimming" What choice do we have indeed. But you first introduced me to this concept (apart from Dorey of cause), you helped me so much my early days on the forums as Tawney. Just keep swimming, one day at a time, some days disconnected and going through the motions, but press on we do, we must. 

Oh dear, having said that, I realise I really must get up out of bed lol

You have a good day, you and all here. I really must go, attend to Beautiful furbaby, snuggling up so intently ATM, and tend to myself I guess. Stay strong, and Beautiful, from the inside out 💐




Re: Far and Away

Hello and hugs @EOR , @Faith-and-Hope , @eth , @Zoe7 , @utopia , @Adge , @Meowmy , @BlueBay 

at home only going out when we need too @@

But Still no car 

Lot of rain here 

Doing some bookwork

Thinking of you all xxxxxx 


Re: Far and Away

Hi @Zoe7 and wishing you everything
of the best for this Friday, my friend.

Re: Far and Away

Hi @Shaz51, you're doing well there. Under circumstances. What's happened with the car?

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