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Re: Far and Away

I brought a hot drink and breakie toaster back for D3 to help get her up and moving (tradies working in her room) and she has moved .... to my bed .... lol.  At least she moved .... ❣️


@Zoe7 @Sherry @Sans911 


👋💕 @Shaz51 @BlueBay 

I believe you both had a rough day yesterday too .....

Re: Far and Away



@Sans911 ^^^




@Zoe7 ^^^




@Sherry  ^^^



@Shaz51 @BlueBay ^^^


👋💕 anyone else around .... please say hello ....


Re: Far and Away

Hi @EOR ..... 👋💕


One for you too .....





Re: Far and Away



Morning @Maggie .... I see you too.

Re: Far and Away

Hi @Hamsolo01 .... 👋





I found this one for you ^^^

Re: Far and Away

haha very cool @Faith-and-Hope

doubly so because of star wars and also lego which i loved as a kid (maybe i still do Smiley Tongue )

How are you today my friend?

Re: Far and Away

Much better for seeing @Zoe7  back, I can tell you @Hamsolo01 .....


There is no judgement in that tho.  We all need to take time out when we need to take time out, and sometimes that moment arrives so fast that there just isn’t any time to let anybody know that that is what has happened.


I am a bit in go-slow mode myself, as self-care ... but I am okay.  Thanks for asking.



Re: Far and Away

Indeed @Faith-and-Hope
Whenever @Zoe7 is away her presence is missed. But naturally we do need time away. Understanding this goes a LONG way indeed Smiley Happy

Go slow sounds good @Faith-and-Hope
Glad you are okay

Re: Far and Away



@outlander @Gazza75  ^^^


Re: Far and Away

Good afternoone @Faith-and-Hope , hope are you having a good day.  That picture looks really cool Smiley Happy

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