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BabyDragon's Den

Hello, @greenpea, @Sherry, @Snowie, @Former-Member, @Former-Member, @Faith-and-Hope, @Zoe7, @Lunar, @OhanaSystem, @Jojo2, @Former-Member, @soul, @Appleblossom, @Shaz51, @outlander, @Former-Member, @Mazarita, @eth, @CheerBear, @Adge, @Hamsolo01, @Sophia1, @Silenus, @eudemonism, @TAB, @KobeCat and anyone else who pops by.

This is my special space and for now i will only talk here while i make myself feel safe.

For those tagged, it is because I connected with you on my previous profile. It is still going through the phase of being permenantly deactivated. 

If you realise who I am or even if you dont, please do not mention my previous name for the sake of my sense of safety. 

I am not up to talking about the specifics of my reason for changing but the basics are I felt I was in danger.

Anyway I will be sticking to just this thread till I feel okay to re-engage in others.

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Re: BabyDragon's Den

Re: BabyDragon's Den

@BabyDragonGlad you worked out a way to still have an outlet and connection with the forum.


Re: BabyDragon's Den

💜 @BabyDragon .....

Re: BabyDragon's Den


yes so am as this place helps me to make it between appointments since i got knocked backto 4 weeks apart

Re: BabyDragon's Den

4 weeks can seem a long time, but maybe eventually you will be able to put other things in your life and be glad of the time.

There are lots of normal struggling but decent people here.  My opinion and I am sticking to it.

I need to get up earlyish.

Re: BabyDragon's Den

all goods @Appleblossom, and maybe one day i wont need to see a psych (doubt it but can hope), been considering giving medication another try as I find it so hard to cope lately.

Re: BabyDragon's Den

Meds help stabilise me. Neither my pdoc or psychologist want to up it too much, but when I started on the forum I barely had any.  

Take care Bella


Re: BabyDragon's Den

well @Appleblossom, I'm gonna shock my dr and psych thats for sure ive spent years refuseing them.


anyway this babydragon is in her sleeping cave so night night all

Re: BabyDragon's Den

Do what you gotta do to get thru. @BabyDragon

I was pretty resistant to taking them for a while. Circumstances change. I had such trouble sleeping and it helped me calm down.


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