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Re: rough time

In the end I have adapted.  I still have second hand clothes and furniture.

Life was very hard financially for a long time.

Now when I look at the shops I think lousy taste.  I am accepting of my opshop mixed shabby chic style.

I threw out some sandals yesterday. I have had them for 15 years and the heel totally went last night. They dont make things like they used to.

Part of me has become very hard on anti consumer and anti waste ... but over time I have developed financial stability and dont struggle the way you are, and the way I used to.  

Dont let a sense of humiliation get you down.  Jobs are harder to get in these times.

Nurture the dignity of you.  I dont see it in riches and am starting to get away with teasing richer people as snooty tooty or snootikins. I am making friends with a lady who said that I did have to face facts that some people are rich, but she is being nice and we can actually laugh together.



Re: rough time

I have to tell you something funny @outlander about the cats.

Most nights when I take my meds I have a very small glass of milk. The cats know by the noise my medications make that I'm taking them. So they're all up in my face to get some milk. They're not happy when I don't have milk. So Jasper gets a little off my finger & Mr A sticks his paw in and licks it off.

Re: rough time

They are very cute and spoilt @Sans911 i remember you sharing a pic of Mr A with his paw in the glass.
Please make sure you get some items for yourself too ❤❤

Re: rough time

Re: rough time

Im starting to get a little tired (and fidgety) so may need to log off soon. You have been amazingly helpful today just by being here (let alone your posting) thank you so so much. Im still sitting with you tonight though. 💜💜


Re: rough time

Afternoon @outlander & @Appleblossom.

I'm heading out soon to my volunteer gig t the op shop. I'd rather stay at home & sleep, but I know that it may help a little to get out. My mood is dipping lower and lower. More of the same stuff. Just hate living/being like this. It's exhausting, frustrating and humiliating. I'm ashamed to be like this.

Re: rough time

afternoon @Sans911 and everyone here

I hope your afternoon in the op shop goes well. I get what you mean but just as you are there for me im there for you too so take my hand and we will continue walking this road together Heart

Re: rough time

Evening lil Sis@outlander

Re: rough time

Evening sis
How did your day go? @Sans911

Re: rough time

Sorry @outlander. I was fixing my dinner.

This afternoon at the op shop was good. It was easier than I expected. The lady manager was very impressed with me today. She said often other volunteers were lazy and sat around not doing much. That's not my style. I didn't sit until the last couple of hours, just periodically. At that point I was very tired. But otherwise I kept working. It felt good to be productive and pick up things easily.

And I liked talking to most of the customers, who were pleasant and happy. We were quite busy at times are the shop is located outside a small suburban shopping mall.

The manager asked why I wasn't working & when I said I had depression, she said her daughter had it so bad she was barely functioning. She's also a carer for her husband who has a severe and terminal lung condition. She herself is not in great health either. I feel like I don't have it too bad when I hear stories like that.

How was your day, and how are you feeling? Have some of the urges passed?

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