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Re: rough time

That's why I do it sweetie 😊@outlander. Course you can come sit with me. That'd be nice. I don't know Jasper is, possibly the kitchen. But Mr A is here on the bed washing him self.

Re: rough time

Lots of warm fuzzy feels tonight. Ok well, im coming to be with you and when the boys decide they want a cuddle then they can come here. I wont disturb MrA while hes happy.

Oh and im extra squishy tonight so  you can have extra squishy lil sis hugs 

Re: rough time

@Sans911 ^

Also do you want to pick tomorrows word sis?

Re: rough time

It was a good word today @outlander. Nah, you or someone can pick. Thanks for asking, but my brain is still paining

Re: rough time

Ok @Sans911
Do you want to talk at all? Or you can have extra squishy lil sis hugs? Or both

Re: rough time

Lol - I give you warm fuzziness and in return you make me laugh about extra squishy hugs! There's not much that genuinely makes me laugh, but you often do.

So I'm going to take those squishy hugs please. That would be real nice. I don't mind talking, but I don't have much to say.

Two women came earlier with a food voucher and some bread. They stayed to chat for a few minutes, and may be able to help with a little bit of financial assistance for one of the bills I'm struggling with. They were very kind. It's humiliating asking for help. And much like many of us, I feel I don't deserve it, and other people need it more. But I am in a fix right now, so it helps just a little.

So I had bread for dinner.

Re: rough time

Well you can have as many extra squishy hugs as you want or one big one like a giant (and breathing) teddy bear @Sans911 💜

It is indeed humiliating but im not judging you. I had to use one of those services just a few weeks ago myself. At least you can go do a little shopping tomorrow

Re: rough time

Ooooh @Sans911 If you need it, accept it.  

I did lots home visits with food and other vouchers. For about 5 years. There were plenty of people who cried poor, but lived in new clean houses with recent model 4wd in driveway. After a while it got to me and I stopped, but each time there was someone who did need it, made it worth it.

My boss in the religious vollie organisation told me I should not have to sleep on a dodgy futon and arranged for me to have a proper bed.  We are a prosperous country and standards are slowly getting better.  DOnt let your financial situation slide behind.  The charities are there to help.

Take Care

Re: rough time

That's a beautiful thing you did @Appleblossom. Thanks for your kind words. That was a nice thing your boss did. Nothing in my house is new, except my sofa which is 12years old, but has been in storage for 10years and barely sat on. I mostly have op shop or sh furniture. I've got some great deals.

It's horrid though living on such little money, when 3years ago I was earning about 6x more. That's what's humiliating.

Re: rough time

Yes, I can go shopping. I've been living on very little food recently. That won't change tommorow, but the cats will be mostly taken care of at least @outlander

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