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Re: not feeling good

Hey shazzy.

Re: not feeling good

heyyyy my @Hamsolo01 Heart

Re: not feeling good

When do you get results @Shaz51 

eatly night for you my sis 

take care xxxx

Re: not feeling good

Onya shazzy @Shaz51
Smiley Happy

Re: not feeling good

Morning my friends @Hamsolo01 @Shaz51 @Maggie @Sherry @Dec and others following 


this mirning I decided to not go fir my walk. It's too Smokey and my asthma has flared up. 

Have an appt at 10am at the hospital to see if i can do outpatient program. At least I can do something while home. Thdn this afternoon I'm seeing my exercise guy fir a plan on what to do this year reg exercise and gym wirk. 

then off to my Chiro fir a much beeddd adjustment. 

tomorriw I'm using my Xmas voucher from older son to have a massage. Cant wait. 


Friday I'm seeing optometrist for check up snd new reading glasses. 
in the afternoon I'm seeing my dietitian. That is much needed as my eating disorder is a bit out of control. 

So busy rest  if week. 

hope everyone has a nice day. ❤️❤️❤️

Re: not feeling good

Sounds like a busy week @BlueBay , which is probably a good thing. 

Ive read that Melb have really bad air quality right now with smoke coming in from East Gippsland fires. You are right to avoid outdoor exertion for now. I hope you are able to get into the outpatient program. Its good to see that you are using this down time constructively.


Sherry 👍💕

Re: not feeling good

Hi @BlueBay 


It's wise to stay inside while the air is so smoky - I had a bad cough yesterday and felt really exhausted - I went to the pharmacy in the afternoon and got some cough medicine and that has helped a lot - maybe it would help you too if you have asthma - as do I.


A new framework of activity seems to be starting - I remember when I had a huge change in my life I didn't know what to do at first - really strange feeling - but regular life soon took up it's demands and reality set in - life does go on and you are finding this out now


That black-and-white thinking you have does take over - life is never all black or all white - you are not unemployed - you are between jobs - you might ask what the difference is but it's plain to me - you have plans - you need a spell in hospital and when you get out you will be looking for work and that can be a full-time job - it's a bit harder because of the fires - the ecomony will take a hit for a while - but life will pick up again - it's not as disastrous as it seems - just a huge challenge and your BPD makes it all seem worse than it is


But if you hold onto being okay you will be - maybe you need to redefine "okay" - nothing is ever perfect -


But your son doesn't need to be rude to you - that is not acceptable behaviour - 


And pain will seem to be worse when the air is so smoky - I understand that - it's time to take things easy for lots of reason


Thinking of you though - all the time



Re: not feeling good

Thanks @BlueBay

Hope you have a nice day

Re: not feeling good

@Hamsolo01 @Sherry @Dec @Shaz51 @Maggie 
I've hit a huge slump

im exhausted and feel sick

i feel weak 

my body is aching 

my throat is sore and coughing

I think it's all catching up on me

saw the hospital outpatient psychologist this morning 

she is putting me down fir a fruday group. Works on ACT. 

im sorry I'm really exhausted. Can't even type. I'll be back tomo. 

Re: not feeling good

sending you tender hugs my sister @BlueBay  and sitting with you xxxxxx

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