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Re: not feeling good


I hope your headache eases and you can get some rest.

It might be worth going to another doctor if you can.

I don't think its just your phsyical health they are dismissing, its your mental well being and overall quality of life.


Re: not feeling good

@BlueBay  I looked up natural ways to ease headaches. Natural oils might help. Lavender and peppermint if you have any. Rub it into your temples. Plenty of water.

Of course lack of sleep will be making it worse. 

Re: not feeling good

Thanks @Gazza75 

@Maggie  i cant use lavender it makes my headaches worse. But I can use other oils. I think I have peppermint I will see if I can find it. 

I’m about to go fir my walk. I need some fresh air. 

Back later. 

Re: not feeling good

@BlueBay, my sister , I get the same responds

I ask the doctor about theses aches and pains in he joints -- and the doctor " well you do have kidney disease " (thank you )

hope you headache goes away xoxo

Re: not feeling good

@Shaz51 💜💜♥️♥️🌼🌼☕

Re: not feeling good

It’s 4.30 and I can’t sleep agsin!!!

i had a horrible horrible dream last night. It was about my dad taking his own life. The look on his face before he dud it was terrible. A scary look. 

This has shaken me up. 

I’m sure you all know how close I am to my dad and how much he means to me. Especially the two times that my parents didn’t talk to me. I struggled hugely with thst. 

@Gazza75 @Shaz51 @Maggie @Hamsolo01 @Dec 

Re: not feeling good

@BlueBay  💕💜💕

Re: not feeling good

Hope your doing okay today @BlueBay .  

Really sorry about your dreams and ongoing troubles with sleep.

Not sure if you are working today, but, I hope it goes smoothly if you are.


Keep up your walking. 

It's really nice to hear how well you have taken to it Smiley Happy Heart

Re: not feeling good

Hi @BlueBay 


I know you get angry with your doctor sometimes but I am also aware of the problems concerning some kinds of medication - I can't get any sleeping tablets either because of the medication I take and I think it's fair enough 


It's okay to be angry with the system sometimes - I understand - when you can't sleep it is hard to deal with the situation and not getting something as easy as some tablets to make it better seems unreasonable - this is one reason I hate the Sleep Police - I would rather read than try and relax - I hear you - it is frustrating


I know the dreams you have sometimes are distressing - this time it's about a fear of your father dying - I was close to my father and like you there were times when my mother was having one of her classic grudges when I didn't see Dad - I understand how you feel


You have a lot on your mind right now - too much really - and you do give yourself a hard time trying to deal with everything - it's a pity you have to carry so much on your own - you are the major driver holding a family of adults together - we think you are pretty good at it from where we stand - if you could see how well you do everything too it would make things easier for you.


But I know that's hard


Try and take things easy when you can - maybe you can find time to yourself over the weekend - all the best



Re: not feeling good

thank you @Gazza75 Heart

hugs my sister @BlueBay Heart

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