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Re: Taking the plunge

Thanks @Faith-and-Hope . 💜💜💜

Re: Taking the plunge

Just making coffee @Maggie. I brought plenty back to share here ☕☕☕☕

Everything crossed the people in blue don't get called out somewhere else and make it to see you. Rattled makes a lot of sense. Will furbaby be with you or she is a run and hide from strangers creature (do dogs do that?!).

Great that you have the option of going out to do something there today too. Sounds like it's still going well ❤

I'm going well thanks 🙂 Feeling a bazillion times better now the physical/emotional stuff has passed. It's like a cloud has lifted there. The referral was lost by the clinic I was referred to. Super annoying as it was put in in December so all this time I thought I'd been on a waitlist. I'll work that one out next week.

Ugh for the humidity and heat. It's really quite full on at times. Much cooler here this morning after storms yesterday. Hope it cools down for you soon too.

Re: Taking the plunge

My 3rd coffee is well and truly gone, so thanks, the shared ones are looking good. @CheerBear 😁😁👍👍☕️☕️


Fur baby will be on my knee @CheerBear, once she s done the sniffer test lol. She will run if people try to get too close to her. She’s a lot like her mum there.👍👍


It is going well. They are being respectful, I know my ( strange /weird) is showing. I’m liking it/them. 💛💛


I’m glad the physical/emotional stuff has passed. Clouds lifting is such a good feel. Wings beneath you feet kind of stuff. 💚❤️💙💜💛


Ugh for clinic lost referral. 😕😕😕


We really have had a hot week here, 26 to 28 everyday. I was over summer before it started. 😂😂😂



Re: Taking the plunge

Still on coffee one here @Maggie. Record breaking for me 😆

Such a nice thought to imagine furbaby with you on your lap ❤ Mine do runners with many new people, though little bananas Rocket cat does it mostly because she joins in with the others, like "oh this is what we're doing now hey" 😂 Sometimes Mouse cat doesn't run and instead rolls around at people's feet. I think she can sense when people are OK and not which I love.

Sooooo good it's going well and you're being respected. Extra good that you're liking it/them. You've done awesomely to get there in the first place and keep going from there.

These couple of post-hormonal storm days are often pretty good ones. I'll usually get a burst of energy and some kind of relief feels. I plan on putting that into the housework today so I can enjoy a day off from it tomorrow and hopefully a more organised week. It's amazing how much something like adding training 2 nights a week can throw the place into chaos!
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Re: Taking the plunge

Ohh @Maggie  ... a big morning for you then, with the people in blue coming.  But so glad it is happening today, rather than letting it all linger on indefinately.  And for them to come to you sounds like a very good alternative to you having to go into them.  Well done to your lovely counsellor.  Happy for you also that the prayor meeting group are making you feel comfortable in being there, respectful friendly and accommodating. So good to hear.


@CheerBear  how downright annoying about the lost referral.  We typically have to wait way too long to get in to see MH specialists as it is, without them losing a referral.  Lets hope they take that into account when it comes to allocating an earlier spot for you.  Really pleased you are feeling better in yourself now too.


Its to be some yummy hot cross buns plus a big pot of steaming hot tea here for breakfast today.  Anybody want to share?  I have plenty.

@Maggie @CheerBear @Faith-and-Hope @TheVorticon @Zoe7 


Sherry 💕




Image result for hot cross buns and a pot of tea



Re: Taking the plunge

I had a nice image in my mind @CheerBear  Mouse cat rolling at peoples feet. They really do know if people are ok. I like that about my girl. I take notice.


It’s been a real tug of war in my mind to keep going @CheerBear . The past holds so much influence. I did leave on morning thinking... nah, not for me. Then, about 3 meters up the road, in the middle of my muddle, I heard my name. The pastor ( lady) was running up the street to tell me......sooooo sincerity.......I belonged. I know they are struggling with ( issues) we all are. But, I did get a sense from the beginning, part of me being there is to share/teach/help people understand MH, from the inside out, kind of thing.  So the Nah, not for me , is my fears also. 💩💩💩 It’s challenging and good. 


Post hormonal storms ..... better than the .....all hell breaks loose. I can only imagine how much 2 extra nights might add up to some chaos. Good luck with the housework. Always a good feel.


I’m off to find another chair. Has to be one from the garden. 2 people in blue 3 chairs. Oh dear. 

Well let you know how it goes. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thanks for the ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ and company 💜💜💜💜💜💜


Re: Taking the plunge

Thanks @Former-Member . I can manage that on the run. 👍👍👍👍


❤️❤️❤️ to you. 


Re: Taking the plunge

Morning @CheerBear @Maggie @Former-Member @Faith-and-Hope
Thinking of you all 💕💕

Re: Taking the plunge

Oooh how yummy @Former-Member! Thanks also 💜 How are you doing this morning?

I smiled thinking of you belonging @Maggie, and hearing that also. Big time thinking of you this morning, looking forward to hearing how it goes.

Morning @outlander ❤ How's things in your world today?

Re: Taking the plunge

Thanks @Former-Member ❣️

Hi @outlander 👋💕

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