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Senior Contributor

My very first word of knowledge/ God given to church elders at the Healing Rooms to tell me.

I have been sadly cruelly abused by my mother for years but Beloved Jesus had given the Church lady 'at the Brisbane Healing Rooms a word of knowledge' for me in May 2003. ( After my healing from type 1 diabetes and blindness). I think it's awesome that after praying a week and using gesticulation in my prayer to my Father Jesus about my sick womb, that he heard my prayers and told the Church elder lady at the Bne Healing Rooms, a 'word of knowledge' to tell me. My Father Jesus told her to tell me 'your womb and all its tendrils are healed'. I think about his beloved words everyday, and it strengthens my faith.

I was thinking about the figurative language my Dear Father Jesus uses in his spoken words. The Holy Spirit is most eloquent.  The word ' tendrils' are just like roots that are firmly fixed to the earth by their tendrils. O Tendril whose Bud shall not wilt! ..It is very beautiful language that my beloved Father Jesus used to tell the lady for me. Often the fruit of thy womb Jesus is used with reference to Mother Mary in the Rosary. 

Observe, the word ' tendril' that Our Father Jesus uses. Significantly, an analogy would be a tendril of a root of a vine or plant bound to the earth. Jesus is the life of the vine - His disciples the tendrils that will become fruitful branches, becoming ever more incorporated into the Vine.

In the book of John, "The Vine and the Branches" discourse, the Father is the Gardener or Vinedresser, and he prunes fruit-bearing branches, in order to make them MORE fruitful.

The "word of knowledge" verse by my Father Jesus to the Church Elder lady alludes figuratively to the uterus just like roots that are firmly fixed to the earth by their tendrils. ... While referring to the tendrils in the mother's womb, ...
`'and we must note that the Scriptures reflect that the word "Father" whose spiritual tendrils are still very active today throughout our world in ... that He constructed Himself,wove it together inside of Mary's womb to be .... many passages and stories in the Bible,including their inner sense'.....

And it is Love being felt and flowing within our inner selfhood that does several great things: it creates a warm, lush seedbed within our minds wherein the external truths of life and religion may take root and grow; it enables us to BE spiritually connected with the Lord God (like a branch on a vine), as opposed to being consciously separated from the Lord (like being at arms length with our Creator); and this is a major biggie too!, love that is moving and warming us from deep inside actually opens our minds toward God's Word, especially toward the vital inner meaning flowing inside of the more obvious literal sense; and finally, it is love (instead of truth) that empowers us to fight against the many vicious attacks from the hells that want us to turn and move their way, away from what is good and true.

I have had a second and third and fourth 'word of knowledge' told to me by church elder by beloved Jesus to tell me at the local Healing Rooms. Praise Jesus!  

By Bambi Fawn


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