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New Contributor

Hi! From Central West NSW - anyone else?

Hi Smiley Happy

I'm Clare. Late 30s. I live in Central West NSW - anyone else from that area?

I have depression, anxiety, ptsd and some alcohol issues.

I also have lots of friends, an awesome cat, a few degrees, a house and enjoy reading, travel, music, good chats, exercise, keeping my sense of humour and adventures (now this is starting to sound like a dating bio, lol).

Anyway, would like to hear from people who have similar issues and interests and living sorta close to me would be a bonus.


Re: Hi! From Central West NSW - anyone else?

Hi @Clare05,

Firstly, welcome to the forums! Great to have you here 😀 

You mention that you would like to hear from people who live close to you. Just wanted to let you know that as part of the forum guidelines, forum members are unable to disclose any identifiable information, including their location. 

The forum community is a very supportive, welcoming place. Hope you enjoy it and are able to connect with others who have had similar experiences 🌻🌻


Re: Hi! From Central West NSW - anyone else?

Hey @Clare05 

No offence but what's depressing you? You have degrees (assuming good amount of skill-set to keep you going) and a house (some don't have). I'm sure your a good mixer too.


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