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Finding it hard to get help


i have been in hospital for the last week after a suicide attempt.  I have funds and private health insurance, however can't find any private facilities that have a bed available.  All are full for 2-3 weeks.  Has anybody else had this issue, and is there any way to get around it?



Re: Finding it hard to get help

Hello @Surviving85

So sorry to hear about your suicide attempt, things must be incredibly difficult at the moment and it sounds like you are trying to get some more support right now which isn't easy.

That is good you have private health cover, it can be hard getting a bed, a waiting list of 2-3weeks doesn't sound too long from what a lot of other people I have heard have had to wait but yes usually there is a waiting list, as it just really depends what facilities are available in your area, such as rural or city and what state.

Is your GP helping you find a bed too?



Re: Finding it hard to get help

@Surviving85. Yes there are waiting times in Private Hospitals. Even Private Psychiatric Clinics.
The easiest way in to a Private Clinic - is to try to go to one where your psychiatrist works.
This way, your psychiatrist can call up the Clinic and try and get you in ahead of others.
If you don't have a private psychiatrist, then the clinic you are trying to get into, will need to get, one of their psychiatrists to take you on as a patient. Find out the name of this psychiatrist.
Call this psychiatrist & explain your current suicidal ideation. Make sure they understand the seriousness of your 'attempt'.
If you are struggling to do this yourself. Ask to speak to the Consumer Consultant at the hospital you are in. They will listen to you and then help advocate on your behalf for a bed in a private clinic.
Hold on tight. I've been where you are. Until that bed arrives, take things minute by minute. Soon you will have a bed and then your healing journey can begin.
Sending you strength.

Re: Finding it hard to get help

I've been lucky most of the time with obtaining a bed in a private psychiatric hospital. The longest I've had to wait was a few days. I always go to a hospital where my usual psychiatrist has admitting rights. Having said that, the hospital is always near full capacity, as it offers a range of therapies not available in public hospitals and is very popular. 

If you have to wait for a bed, please keep in contact with your psychiatrist and make sure they are aware of your need for a bed urgently. Also keep in contact with the intake team, usually they take suicide attempts pretty seriously and aim to assign beds to urgent cases as soon as possible.

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