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Looking after ourselves

Senior Contributor

Gift yourself some good vibes

Hi so idk if this is going to be helpful but I thought I would start a thread over the holiday period where we can give each other or ourselves a gift of positivity. Obviously we can’t physically give anything but I thought we could send each other good wishes. This thread can be a little silly you can cast spells to send out your good vibes if you want. 



my gift to others is a gift of peaceful thoughts and feelings over the next few days. I hope everyone can find a few seconds of calm and inner peace in this often difficult time. 


My gift to myself is the strength to ignore my negative feelings and the strength to wake up in time to actually get something done. 


Re: Gift yourself some good vibes

Hi @Eden1919 

What a great idea!

My gift to myself is to make sure I do some self care, especially over the next few days. Heart

Re: Gift yourself some good vibes

Hey @Eden1919 ,

It's a nice idea for a thread.  I will definitely be needing some peaceful thoughts in the coming days.  Xmas is always going to be fairly akward now.


My contribution to others would be to believe in yourselves and that we can all be more resilient than we might think.  Try and enjoy some fresh and sunshine if you can.  That feels like a rare commodity for a lot of people this year.



Re: Gift yourself some good vibes

@Eden1919 @ Hey Eden1919 great thread Smiley Very Happy. I gift everyone some fun this year. Just letting their hair down without a care in the world kind of fun. xxx

Re: Gift yourself some good vibes

Good idea @Eden1919 

Sending some 'don't sweat the small stuff'.

And if I could wave a magic want: cool breezes.

Hi @Eden1919 @Gazza75 @Snowie 

Enjoying the vibes!

Re: Gift yourself some good vibes

My gift to everyone is Love Strength kindness and good wishes. If you like music, remember to play your favourite because it's Christmas and you deserve it 

Re: Gift yourself some good vibes

Hey @Eden1919 ,

Just wanted to wish you a HNY, I hope you got through Xmas okay.

Take care and have a good day Smiley Happy

Re: Gift yourself some good vibes

@Gazza75  Thank you Heart

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