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Chronic pain

Now im abit embarrassed to ask due to my age but i have come to know this forum to be understanding
Im wondering how people deal with their chronic pain?
I have a mild scoliosis but enough to affect me, a slipped disk that can't be replaced and a permanent torn tendon and ligament in my ankle all which cause me quite alot of grief. wondering what sort of things hwlp you?

@Former-Member @Dec i know you two have this too

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Re: Chronic pain

- Stay active @outlander, 10,000 steps
- keep the weight down,
- eat high antioxidant foods & drinks.
- tumeric herb (antiinflammatory)
- Heatpacks
- passive exercise

Just a few ideas lvk

Re: Chronic pain

Thanks @Former-Member
Its good youve added things for the inside as well

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